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ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™ Refreshing Eye Gel Cream

Ordering number: 117649
Size: 15 ml

    A light eye gel cream perfect for hydrating around the eyes while reducing puffiness and dark circles.

    What It Does For You

    • Moisturises the delicate skin around your eyes with a light but long-lasting formula.
    • You can reapply whenever you need a boost of hydration throughout the day.
    • Your eyes appear refreshed and more youthful thanks to reduced puffiness and dark circles.

    Why You Would Like It

    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream soothes and hydrates the skin around your eyes with a light formula. It provides intense, refreshing hydration and keeps your skin looking vibrant and supple. You will benefit from a more youthful appearance, as puffiness and dark circles are reduced. This silky cream is absorbed quickly by your skin so the moisturising effects are immediately noticeable. It is suitable to use any time you feel the need for a boost around the eyes and is perfect for all skin types.

    Facts For You

    • After just one application, your hydration levels are boosted by 67%.
    • The hydrating effects last for 24 hours and you can re-apply as required for an additional boost, even over make-up.
    • This product is allergy, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

    Key Features

    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream cares for the skin around your eyes with essential hydrating power:

    • The fast-absorbing formula provides you with instant refreshment so your eyes look bright and wide awake.
    • Because the eye area can easily become dried out, this moisturising gel cream offers soothing relief.
    • Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, and safe for use if you wear contact lenses.

    How To Use

    • Lightly dab onto the skin just under your eye, above the cheekbone, moving from the side in towards the centre of your face.
    • Carefully massage into the skin.


    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream keeps your eyes looking refreshed and youthful with intense hydration from Norwegian Fjord Water delivered by our exclusive ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Liposome technology. Special ingredients sodium hyaluronate and Moisturising Liposome keep the moisture locked inside the skin for 24 hours. Linseed and Liquorice extract contribute to the soothing aspects of this product. Skin strengthening is provided by Centella Asiatica and Bitter Orange extract.

    Frequently asked questions

    Why do my eyes need a special treatment?

    The skin around your eyes is significantly thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. This means that it is more delicate and more prone to dryness. Fine lines and wrinkles are also quicker to establish in this area. This is why it's important to nourish the eye area with a specially formulated moisturiser.

    What is the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Liposome and why is it important?

    The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Liposome is an exclusive liposome that is filled with Norwegian Fjord Water and other humectant ingredients. It has been designed especially for the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V line. Liposomes are microscopic lipid spheres that are capable of holding active ingredients and releasing them into the skin.

    What type of fragrance is used in ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products?

    The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection contains an exclusively developed, fresh, watery floral fragrance. It features watery nuances with hints of fresh fruit floating like water lilies across pools of creamy waves. Natural hints of dewy green notes flow into lush peony petals and sheer musk to complete this feminine composition.