Power Drink – Pink Grapefruit Blast XS™

Ordering number: 119802
Size: 12 x 250ml

    With its distinct refreshing taste of pink grapefruit, this flavour features - like all XS flavours - great taste, zero sugar, low calories and lots of B-Vitamins.

    Distinct refreshing taste of pink grapefruit

    • Zero sugar and just 10 calories per can

    • Lots of B-vitamins help to reduce tiredness and exhaustion

    and contribute to a normal energy metabolism. Pantothenic acid additionally supports normal mental performance.

    A varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are of general importance.

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    Suitable for men and women:

    ·         while going out day and night

    ·         with busy lifestyles

    ·         while doing sports

    ·         working long hours

    ·         when driving long distances

    ·         during lectures and study sessions

    Consume in moderation.

    Can be consumed during increased physical and mental activity in dosage no more than 0,25 l per day.
    High caffeine content (32 mg/100 ml). Not recommended for children or pregnant or breast-feeding women.