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Vital Skin Serum Concentrate ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™

Ordering number: 117650
Size: 30 ml

    A concentrated hydrating serum with exclusive technology which boosts skin hydration for a fresh and silky feeling.

    What It Does For You

    • Hydrates your skin with a concentrated formula that is also deeply nourishing so your skin feels revitalised.
    • Improves skin tone and texture so your skin looks smoother, softer and more even toned.
    • Provides an instant hydration boost that lasts for 24 hours.

    Why You Would Like It

    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate infuses your skin with nutrients and hydration via the special blue hydra-inspired beads. These micro capsules burst when you apply the serum to deliver a special blend of vitamins and minerals that replenish any skin type. This light, fast-absorbing, highly concentrated formula not only boosts your skin's hydration levels, but actually improves your skin's ability to retain moisture. This ensures that your skin feels refreshed and revitalised for 24 hours.

    Facts For You

    • After only one use, your skin's hydration levels increase by up to 184%.
    • Results from a 28-day clinical trial show that the cellular organisation of the upper layers of the skin is restored so your skin appears softer, smoother and more even-toned.
    • This product is non-comedogenic, so it does not clog pores, and it has been allergy and dermatologist tested.

    Key Features

    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate is the key element of the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V skincare range:

    • It gives your skin a long-lasting hydration boost thanks to its concentrated formula.
    • Your skin's hydration is optimised with ARTISTRY-exclusive Hydra Complex so it can actually retain moisture better for longer.
    • Important vitamins and minerals help nourish your skin so it is left feeling replenished.

    How To Use


    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate features our most effective hydration ingredients to refresh, replenish and revitalise your skin. It contains Hydra Complex, which uses Himalayan Pink Rock Minerals to strengthen your skin's ability to retain moisture. Hawaiian Acai and our exclusive ARTISTRY Moisturising Liposome inject immediate hydration into your skin. As with the complete ARTISTRY HYDRA-V skincare range, this product is also based on the amazing hydrating power of Fresh Norwegian Fjord Water conveyed to your skin in the exclusive ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Liposome delivery system.