Wax Furniture Polish AMWAY™

Ordering number: 100712
Size: 400 ml

    Take care of wooden furniture in one easy step with this special blend of wax and protects. Containing an anti-static agent, this rich, creamy, non-drip formula provides a splendid satin finish and leaves a fresh, clean lemon scent.


    • A concentrated creamy aerosol spray made with a special blend of wax and silicones that polishes, cleans and protects fine finished wood furniture in one easy step
    • Rich, creamy formula leaves a satin finish, returns a natural lustre to dull, dry wood, minor nicks and scratches and resists moisture. Does not leave behind a powdery film, oily residue or sticky build-up
    • Contains anti-static agents that work to reduce static build-up on surfaces
    • Fresh lemon scent leaves your room smelling fresh and clean
    • Slimline 400 ml aerosol can fits comfortably in the hand

    Aqua,C10-12 Alkane/Cycloalkane,Butane,Isobutane,Propane,C8-9 Isoalkane,Sorbitan Oleate,Dimethicone Parfum,Cera Alba,Cera Carnauba,Montan Acid Wax,Cocamidopropyl Betaine

    • Use AMWAY Wax Furniture Polish for regular dustings of furniture and decor. Effective on finished wood, plastic, ceramic and porcelain.